Esste (Synsenn)

Known as Meyharen ("The Wanderer"), Esste is the earth bound deity of light and former god of the sky. In ancient times Esste, Qarros, and Ahmzanii, (who represent the youngest generation of divinities) governed the world together as rulers of the sky, sea, and earth respectively.

When the Ancient Ones (the elder deities from whom Esste, Ahmzanii, and Qarros were born) created the first mortal, a woman named Renqaaria, Esste fell hopelessly in love with her, arranging the stars and filling the sky with color and light each night to woo her until she returned his affection. As Renqaaria's beloved, Esste sired the first mortals born on earth and became the ancestral father of all humanoid races. 

Having never known mortal life before Renqaaria's creation, Esste and his fellow deities of the youngest generation) had no understanding of death. Renqaaria, however, created with an understanding that she was a part of the cycles that govern life, knew that she would one day retire from the earth. Not wanting Esste to be alone, Renqaaria begged the Ancient Ones to allow her to give life to life immortal: to give birth to a child like to its father. In answer to her prayer (which was the first prayer ever uttered), the Ancient Ones blessed Renqaaria with twins—a daughter and a son—radiant with divine light, for whom she traded her mortal life to give them life eternal. Just before her death, Renqaaria named her son, who shone with a golden glow, Ajjenre, and her daughter, haloed with a silver and serene brilliance, Myyariéle. 

Devastated by the loss of Renqaaria, Esste could not bear to raise his immortal children on his own and begged Qarros and Ahmzanii to care for them in his stead, giving the golden boy to the day god and the silver girl to the night goddess. In the Wrell (or "language") of the elven followers of Synsenn the names of Ajjenre and Myyariéle would come to mean "Prince of the Sun" and "Princess of the Moon," respectively. As they grew, the children searched tirelessly for their father, Myyariéle wanting desperately to make amends for their mother's sacrifice and Ajjenre raging to find the father who abandoned them. As the sun and moon, the brilliant children cross the skies each day and night scanning the ground for their earthbound father. 

Numb with grief and unable to raise the immortal children who bore striking resemblance to their late mother, Esste left the skies that were once his domain and began to walk only upon the earth in which he buried his love, becoming The Wanderer, moving in shadows upon the mortal lands, ever avoiding the searching eyes of his divine children. As The Wandering God among mortals, devotees of Synsenn regard Esste not as a deity to be whom prayer should be directed—in the conventional manner of Ahmzanii and Qarros. Rather, those who believe that Esste walks among them regard him more as a nurturing figure whose love for humanity extends beyond the bounds of the other gods to such an extent that—on rare occasions—he might intervene in human affairs to save a life, perhaps in recompense for the life of his beloved, whom he could not save. Esste is the nurturing god among the of divinities of Synsenn: of safety in travel, of hospitality, of care, of protection of children and of innocents, and of hope for the future.


"All are welcome about the hearths that bear the Wanderer's name." Littered throughout the mortal lands are shrines dedicated to the protection and care of humanoid life. Although they are known to many simply as the Wanderer's Shrines, they were created by Esste in ancient times to shelter any one in need of shelter but particularly travelers, children, the weak and defenseless. Even at the shrines which seem to have fallen into disrepair, those in need of shelter are protected by Esste's power or that of his clerics: wanderers, like their patron, who have sworn their lives to the defense of all humanoids.  

The Ritual of the Last Light has been passed down through generations of Synsenn devotees and has its origins in the death of the first mortal. After Renqaaria's passing, Esste's grief filled the world with light in myriad colors, writhing and dancing in prismatic patterns before resolving to a singular silver glow just above her eyes. Crawling to her mother's side, Myyariéle reached up with her infant hands and clasped the bead of light to her chest, crying into its brilliant light before replacing it above her mother's heart. Together with his infant children, Esste buried Renqaaria's physical body, taking the single bead of light from her face and placing it in the night sky as its brightest star. Since then, each individual laid to rest by a devotee of Synsenn is given a form of this "Rite of Light": standing vigil beside the individual before placing an object—carefully chosen to reflect the individual's life and lit with a unique version of the Light cantrip that changes color from black to deep shades of fire to silver and gold light which flickers like a flame before disappearing—above the person's heart. By this rite, during the new moon, Myyariéle finds the lost souls by their last light and guides them to their new home among the stars, where they join their ancestors and watch over their descendants. 

Esste (Synsenn)

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