Legends of Ardin

Wail of the Bodak

Session 30: 24th of Serpent, 841.IV

Our Heroes plotted to determine the best way of gaining more information as to the situation at Dar Orithas. Ahna used her sending spell to ask Dranys about the political landscape, who told her of the struggle of Baron Hightower, the recent success of Baron Athan, and a little of the history of the Barony of Redmorn.

That night, the Party hid in the cliffs beneath the tower and ambushed a patrol as they went by, and took the incapacitated mercenaries across the river. After an interrogation resulting in the deaths of two mercenaries, the Party determined that the mercenaries were mostly in the employ of Baron Hightower, but were paid by Baron Athan with newly-minted gold. The band was to guard the tower until the arrival of people of importance at the end of the month.

Shortly thereafer, the Party was beset by Bodaks living in the forest surrounding the tower. After fighting off the undead creatures, the Party retreated to a cave to rest for the night.



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