Legends of Ardin

Return to Dar Gwynnol

Session 29: 4th of Serpent, 841.IV

The day after their expedition to the ruined cathedral, Our Heroes briefed General Belphagor on their victory. Belphagor congratulated them, and offered to arrange transportation for them in two days time. During this time the Party relaxed and bade farewell to Dranys, who was also leaving to resume her post as ambassador to Ferein. At the prescribed date, Our Heroes met with Belphagor and the silver dragon Filondara, who teleported the party to a location near Dar Gwynnol.

After another two days of travel, the Party arrived at the fortress. There they saw the Blood Moon tribe of Orcs camped outside guarding the castle. Inside, they found Eskar and Olegg, the Orc Shaman, analyzing a Black Scroll. The Party gave the second Scroll to Eskar, who told them that he had scouted several locations that seemed to be of importance to Thanatis' minions. The foremost of these was a long-destroyed tower at the southern end of the Baldur Hills, a place by the name of Dar Orithas. Our Heroes decided that this was worth looking into, and set out to find it. Eskar also told the Party that the Scrolls would reveal some secret on Fellwalk, the Necromancy Ritual Day.

Five days later, Our Heroes arrived in New Alsben to resupply before their journey to Dar Orithas. While in town, Korrigan and Ahna discovered that Joriah had sought out the Raven Inn to gather evidence against the Invisible Hand. Once Joriah was brought back to the University, the Party was approached by Captain Azel, who represents Baron Hightower. He offered the Party generous payment as mercenaries for fighting in Hightower's struggle against the Rhirideth Elves. The Party turned down his offer and set out for Dar Orithas.

The journey to the tower lasted ten days, during which Our Heroes encountered two wyverns. Eventually, they reached the tower and found a camp of mercenaries established around its base. Our Heroes waited until nightfall and snuck into the tower, briefly fighting the guards before the alarm was sounded. Using their magic, the Party escaped and hid across the river, looking for another opportunity.



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