Legends of Ardin

Ambush on the Serpent River

Session 31: 24th of Serpent, 841.IV

The next day Our Heroes decided to seek out one of the barges that carry mercenaries out of New Alsben to the Baldur Hills. They hid near the river and awaited the ship. The next morning, a ship was indeed sighted bearing the heraldry of Baron Hightower. Our Heroes assaulted the ship and destroyed it, forcing the mercenaries within to flee to the shore. A battle then a chase erupted as Baron Hightower himself led the soldiers in defense, eventually fleeing into the hills.

At the end of the fight, Orutan caught up to Hightower and fought him in single combat. Orutan was beaten and taken hostage by the Baron, who held a knife to the Dragonborn's throat and demanded that the Party lay down their weapons. Jeyne refused, and used her wand incapacitate the Baron, but not before he killed Orutan.

The Baron was taken prisoner while Ahna brought Orutan back to life. The Party then made camp and disposed of the dead, resting before their next move.



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