Legends of Ardin

The Defense of Elville

Session 1: 23rd of Dragon, 841.IV

Our story begins on the road from Eadmont to New Alsben. A cart owned by Jeremy Hooper makes it's way down the King's Road, filled with passengers. Among them are our heroes: the Half-Orc bard Korrigan of Alverock, the Dragonborn warrior Toril, the Human priest of Berathik Sean, the Half-Elven wizard Jeyne, and the Half-Elven rogue calling himself Lafayette. Also on the cart is Anneth and her sickly son Tom. 

When the Party was a few days away from New Alsben, progress was halted by a tree that seemed intentionally felled as to block the path. The Party moved the tree out of the way but decided to  camp for the night as Tom had fallen ill. Our heroes discovered that Anneth had tried every available option to heal her son but to no avail. She was traveling to find the Wizard Peloril, a renowned healer who had retired to the village of Elville, which was found along the King's Road. 

The following morning, the Party resumed and eventually arrived at Elville, which seemed to be under attack. Jeremy led our heroes to the outskirts of the village, where he helped fight off a group of Goblins. Our heroes engaged the Goblins in the town, rescuing a family from a burning building. Heltor Trant, a priest of Berathik, as well as a handful of other villagers unable to flee, were also saved from Goblins storming the temple. 

Our heroes took the fight to the Goblins, engaging their Hobgoblin leader. The leader of the raid was cut down, breaking the morale of the attackers. With the Goblins in retreat, our Heroes were the Saviors of Elville.



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