Legends of Ardin

The Raven Inn

Session 10: 16th of Harmony, 841.IV

Staying at the Raven Inn, our heroes attempted to spend the night awaiting the mysterious man who had put up notices seeking spellcasters throughout the city. However, after Orutan's victory over Two-Tooth Gunderson in a game of Mousetrap, those plans were interrupted. 

Spike, the man who's drink was shattered by Toril, stormed back into the Inn with several henchmen looking for revenge against the Dragonborn. Spike's revenge was short-lived, as Korrigan lifted him off his feet and slammed him into the table before explaining the gravity of the situation Spike was in. 

Spike and his men left in short order, but were pursued by a hooded figure who had been lurking elsewhere in the inn. Hearing sounds of battle from outside, the Party followed, arriving in time to see the last of Spike's guards struck down and the Hooded Man begin to interrogate Spike. The Hooded Figure asked one question of Spike: "How do you get to Dar Gwynnol?" Spike had no answer, and the Hooded Figure dropped him and exited the area. Our Heroes tended to the wounds of Spike's guards before stuffing Spike in a barrel of fish for his insolence.

Returning to the Inn, the Party waited for another two hours before a robed scholar emerged from a back room, introducing himself as Martin. Martin revealed himself to be the one who put up the notices, and informed the party that there was an illusion he needed help dispelling in the tunnels beneath the Inn, which was the reason he was seeking spellcasters. Ahna questioned Martin about Joriah, the student who went missing, but he gave an evasive answer.

Suspicious, the Party follows Martin through a trapdoor leading to a tunnel running beneath the Inn, which leads to a hidden underground district district of New Alsben called the Understory. Following the tunnel, the Party was quickly stopped by Martin, saying they had reached the illusion. Orutan and Jeyne examined the wall which was under an illusion before being attacked by four cockatrices. Martin joined the battle against our Heroes, revealing himself to be a tiefling spellcaster. After a lengthy and strenuous battle, the cockatrices lay dead, Martin unconscious, and Orutan turned to stone by the cockatrice's vicious bite.



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