Legends of Ardin

The Gnomish Tomb

Session 6: 3rd of Harmony, 841.IV

The Party rested following the battle against the Gnomish death machine. Venturing further into the dungeon, our heroes discovered a Gnomish tomb with four graves and an altar.

The altar was empty, but a rectangular scorch mark was left behind. Steps leading up to the altar were also seen to be covered in faded magical runes. Cracks in the walls, floor and cieling emanated from the altar, spreading across the room.

The tomb and the four sarcophagi within was in disarray, and looks to have been looted a few years previously.

The party emerged from the tomb to the exterior of the Infested Burrows, where the Hobgoblins had made camp. A skirmish ensued after a Half-Elven cleric named Ahna escaped from the camp and ran towards the party. Once the fighting was over, a tenuous truce was struck between our Heroes and the Hobgoblins, as both sides desired a parlay.



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