Legends of Ardin

The Eadon Caverns

Session 19: 23rd of Fiend, 841.IV

Our Heroes next journeyed through the small tunnel in the Tomb of St. Helryshar into the watery caverns beyond. The caverns were filled with a variety of sea life in varying levels of salt water, ranging from a few feet to a few dozen in depth. Following the caverns north, the Party found a giant crab nest and a small dock, although with no evidence of a boat. 

The Party moved through tunnels to the northwest, and after a brief fight with a wraith and two skeletons (discovered by Ahna), found a boat and another worked stone passageway similar to the tombs behind them. Guarded by two additional skeletons, Our Heroes encountered the Kobold Yenko, the self-styled High Priest of Tiamat. Yenko wielded a five-tailed whip, styled in the likeness of Tiamat herself. The Kobold was quickly apprehended by the Party and relieved of the whip. Claiming to each be an aspect of Tiamat, the Party convinced Yenko to leave the tombs in peace. 

At this point, several creatures triggered Orutan's Alarm spell. The Party decided to move to earlier parts of the dungeon, but as Korrigan swims across a deep cavern, he was attacked by two ferocious plesiosaurs. A tense fight followed, but one plesiosaur was killed and the other driven off, fleeing deeper into the watery depths.

The party retreated back to Yenko's camp, and decided to begin clearing out a collapsed staircase nearby. Realizing that such work would be tiring to an already exhausted party, Our Heroes rested for the night. While they were camping, they began to hear the faint noise of activity echoing through the caverns. Lafayette and Toril quickly arrived, saying many of Iron Mandate soldiers had entered the tombs and commenced searching it. As the Party helped Toril, Lafayette, and their prisoner to the safer area in Yenko's camp, they noticed that the tunnel the plesiosaur fled was coated in coins.

After clearing away more than 15 feet of debris from the stairs, Our Heroes feared that the endeavor would take too long and considered their options for their next move.



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