Legends of Ardin

Return to Matton Swamp

Session 7: 4th of Harmony, 841.IV

Our heroes successfully negotiated with Jaroz, agreeing to accompany him in taking revenge on Greden in exchange for ending hostilities with the Party. Furthermore, Jaroz pledged that should the Party help him, he would leave human lands, never to raid them again.

The Party camped alongside the Hobgoblins for the night before venturing north to Matton Swamp. Our heroes navigated the labyrinth of jagged rocks in the swamp, eventually coming to Greden and Yanto's cabins.

Reconnaissance of the cabins through Jeyne's familiar revealed that the south cabin seemed empty, while the mysterious north cabin was covered in writing. The number "13" was painted in blood covering the cabin. As the Party led the Hobgoblins between the cabins, they were ambushed by Greden and Yanto, who used their magic to massacre the Hobgoblin warparty. Our heroes fought alongside Jaroz, killing Greden after a close battle. Seeing her companion struck down, Yanto again used her magic to vanish. 

The Party ventured into the north cabin, to see that a strange altar had been erected in the center of the room. A raven with most of its feathers plucked sat in a cage atop the altar in a silver cage. The walls had all been painted with more of the repetitive "13"s, with the words "13 YEARS TO LIVE" written on the far wall. It was written in blood.



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