Legends of Ardin

Malavar's Treachery

Session 11: 17th of Harmony, 841.IV

Once the last cockatrice in Martin's trap had fallen, our Heroes took a moment to collect themselves. Martin, now revealed to be a tiefling, was incapacitated by Jeyne's Sleep spell and Orutan turned to stone by the cockatrice's bite – a statue in the tunnels beneath the Raven Inn. Beyond the illusory wall in the tunnels, the Party found used campsite with a circle of glowing purple magic runes, presumably used by Martin.

Rousing Martin, the Party determined that his name was actually Malavar, and he had been kidnapping spellcasters for his arcane experiments. The cockatrices were also his, which he used to turn his victims to stone for safe transport to his tower. His favored method of teleportation was through a teleportation circle, which was inscribed on the ground. He informed the party that he had no cure for Orutan's petrification, but time would allow the effects to end. 

Deciding to investigate this tower, the Party bid Malavar use the teleportation circle to transport them there. Inside, our Heroes found three cells, locked with a magical barrier. One lever was found to open all three at once. Two cells seemed empty, and the last held Joriah, the missing University student along with a corpse, whom Malavar had neglected to feed. In one of the empty cells, Malavar warned that there was a demon within that he had trapped after accidentally summoning. He had fashioned his enchanted spectacles to be able to see the demon.

The Party began exploring the other parts of this dungeon, when Korrigan suddenly pulled the lever to open all the cells. The demon sprung out of the cell, and killed Malavar before proceeding to leave the dungeon unopposed by the party. The Party then discovered that the tower, built above this dungeon, was surrounded in swirling black smoke. Our heroes rested a day, waiting for Orutan to recover. 

The next day, the black smoke surrounding the tower, now known as Dar Tara, had dissipated. As the Party tried to leave the tower, two figures materialized out of thin air before swiftly moving to attack. One of the assailants, a Halfling, was subdued, while the other, a spellcasting Human, was killed in the battle. Once the battle was over, the Party took stock of the treasure they had obtained from the tower, finding a Luckstone, a Bag of Holding, several Scrolls, and one Black Scroll in a frozen metal case…



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