Legends of Ardin

Clash in the Baldur Hills

Session 37: 9th of Flame, 842.IV

As Kyran greeted Our Heroes, Jeyne surprised the wizard with a fireball mid-sentence. With that, the two sides attacked one another, with the knights defending their companions against this apparently unknown necromancer. Sir Bernard appeared to know the goliath, calling her Daaskàr, wondering what she was doing there while he fought her companion.

The fight began poorly for the Party, when Kyran unleashed a chain lightening spell against the three knights and Jeyne, rendering the diviner temporarily unconscious. As the knights pushed into the zombies, they were beset with hell hounds which slew both Sir Bernard and Sir Degore, despite the knights' valiant efforts.

Meanwhile, Orutan and Korrigan pushed around the flank, felling an ogre zombie and taking the fight to the goliath. Nimbly dodging arrow traps and enduring attacks from all sides, the adventurers managed to defeat Daaskàr with the help of Lady Aldis.

In other parts of the battlefield, Jeyne dueled Kyran until she was beset with zombies, forcing her to fight defensively. At the same time, Ahna fought a hell hound and magically tended to the wounds of her companions. After a long struggle, the hell hound managed to take down the cleric while the rest of the party fought Kyran.

As the last of the zombies were killed, Korrigan, Orutan, and Jeyne converged on Kyran and held him within a magical spell of silence, preventing his spellcasting. Without his magic, Kyran proved no match for the party, but in a moment of fortune for the evil wizard, the silence spell faltered and he was able to teleport away from the fight. The final hell hound was killed, and Ahna healed.

Ahna checked her fallen companions and saw that while Sir Bernard had been dead for too long to save, Sir Degore's spirit was still near enough to bring him back to life. The Party looted their enemies and captured the unconscious goliath, ready to interrogate her after some well-deserved rest.



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